Zeitschrift für Europäisches Unternehmens- und Verbraucherrecht

Journal of European Consumer and Market Law


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Association of European Consumer Law

Christoph Busch

    (University of Osnabrück)

Alberto De Franceschi

    (University of Ferrara, MPI Munich)

Ronny Domröse

    (European University Viadrina


Ulrich Ernst

    (Jagiellonian University Krakow)

Stephan Keiler

    (Universities of Bayreuth and Sassari)

Vanessa Mak

    (Tilburg University)

Kristin Nemeth

    (University of Innsbruck)

Rupprecht Podszun

    (University of Bayreuth)

Christine Riefa

    (Brunel University London)

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Editorial Board

Maria Berger, Luxembourg

Peter Cartwright, Nottingham

Georg Graf, Salzburg

Phillip Hellwege, Augsburg

Athanassios Kaissis, Thessaloniki

Marco Loos, Amsterdam

Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz, Florence

Francesco Morandi, Sassari

Patrick Rambaud, Paris

Iain Ramsay, Kent

Nicolas Raschauer, Linz

Julio Álvarez Rubio, Santander

Giesela Rühl, Jena

Martin Schauer, Vienna

Martin Schmidt-Kessel, Bayreuth

Alexander Schopper, Innsbruck

Hans Schulte-Nölke, Osnabrück

Francesco A. Schurr, Vaduz

Ansgar Staudinger, Bielefeld

Jules Stuyck, Leuven

Marina Tamm, Wismar

Klaus Tonner, Rostock

Verica Trstenjak, Vienna, Luxembourg

Erich Vranes, Vienna

Christiane Wendehorst, Vienna

Fryderyk Zoll, Krakow

This new Journal aims at filling a gap in existing publications in the field of European consumer law. Its main focus is on issues of consumer law in the EU internal market. European consumer law is understood in the broadest sense including customer, user and passenger law. The focus of the journal goes beyond the traditional understanding of consumer law as consumer protection law and includes consumer law from the perspective of businesses in the B2C market.

The emphasis lies on the debate of consumer law as it stands in a system of multilevel governance. This includes discussing issues of private as well as public law, of substantive as well as private international and procedural law, of national, international and supranational law, new regulatory instruments (e.g. uniform law, soft law, service standards) as well as questions of law making.

The journal contains articles (peer reviewed), short contributions, legislation report, case commentaries, pending cases, book reviews and events.. Contributions will appear in English and/or in German.

Issue #4/2014 has just been published!
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The twelfth issue of the Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (euvr) provides a bilingual Editorial by Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson, an article by Marco Loos on the Content of B2C Contracts in CESL, contributions by Coester-Waltjen on Consumer Protection and GBT and by Coester on Consumer Protection and Party Autonomy. Moreover a case note by Miquel Sala on the decision CJEU Case C-32/12 (Duarte Hueros).

The new section ImpApp focussing this time the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive in PL, MT, IR, ES and LT.